Commercial and Industrial Concrete Water Tanks

Commercial and Industrial
Concrete Water Tanks

ACT Concrete Water Tanks builds a wide range of concrete water tanks for commercial and industrial purposes. Our high-quality concrete water tanks are available in sizes ranging from 10,000 litres to 120,000 litres. Every tank built by ACT Concrete Water Tanks is equipped with a lockable manhole, PVC inlets / overflow and a “pedestrian grade” roof (3 kPa rating). A 25-year guarantee, along with AS3600 and AS3735 compliance, provides customers with total peace of mind.

Benefits of rainwater recycling

  • Is eco-friendly (fewer dams and desalination plants need building).
  • Reduces water costs over time (less reliance on town or mains water).
  • Provides alternative supply of water during times of water restriction.
  • Customers will appreciate your “sustainability” efforts.

Commercial and Industrial Applications

When it comes to commercial and industrial settings, concrete water tanks enjoy certain advantages over poly tanks – namely added durability and high fire resistance. Concrete tanks – particularly underground concrete water tanks – are also good at keeping water cool. ACT Concrete Water Tanks has provided many commercial and industrial operations in Sydney, regional NSW and the ACT with the right concrete water storage solution.

Some of the sectors we’re worked with over the past 40 years include:-

  • Accommodation and Hospitality
  • Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing
  • Real Estate and Strata Management
  • Healthcare and Aged Care
  • Education and Training
  • Local Government
  • Manufacturing
  • Transport
  • Cleaning and Recycling Facilities

Uses for stored rainwater

  • Irrigation of lawns, gardens, plant nurseries and greenhouses.
  • Showering / bathing, clothes washing and toilet flushing – particularly in motels and hotels.
  • Topping up of guest swimming pools.
  • Washing vehicles and outdoor equipment.
  • Drinking and cooking (also requires water filtering and purification equipment).
  • Water for firefighting purposes.

Rainwater tank sizes – choosing the right one

ACT Concrete Water Tanks will help you choose the right above-ground or underground concrete water tank. We’ll assess what you’re planning to use the rainwater for – taking into account rainfall patterns, the size of your catchment area and spatial restrictions.

  • 10,000 litres – pre-cast concrete tank (transported to site and for underground use only) – requires an area of 3.5 metres in diameter.
  • 20,000 litres – poured on site (ready mix concrete) – requires an area of 5.5 metres in diameter.
  • 90,000 litres – poured on site (ready mix concrete) – requires an area of 10 metres in diameter.
  • 120,000 litres – poured on site (ready mix concrete) – requires an area of 11 metres in diameter.

A 100mm PVC overflow is standard on all our tanks – enabling them to function as stormwater retention tanks and OSD tanks (provided the necessary plumbing and drainage has been put in place). A feature of our “poured” tanks (20,000 litres, 90,000 litres, 120,000 litres) is that they have no floor-wall joins – making leakage less likely.

For further information on our above-ground and underground concrete water tanks (we service Sydney, regional NSW and the ACT), please call the friendly team at ACT Concrete Water Tanks on 0488 143 257.