Residential Concrete Water Tanks

Residential Concrete
Water Tanks

Looking for a domestic water tank in Canberra, Sydney or regional NSW? ACT Concrete Water Tanks offers a wide range of domestic water tanks for both rural and suburban residences. Our concrete water tanks are made from the finest natural materials and come with a 25-year guarantee. Whether you’re seeking a water tank for your total needs or one for the garden, ACT Concrete Water Tanks has you covered.

Benefits of a Domestic Water Tank from ACT Concrete Water Tanks

  • Adds value to your property.
  • Sustainable and eco-friendly water storage solution.
  • Our concrete water tanks are AS3600 and AS3735 compliant.
  • 25-year guarantee on all domestic water tanks (both underground and above-ground).
  • Long-term water storage solution for properties that aren’t connected to a town water supply.
  • Wide range of rainwater tank sizes: 10,000 litres (Underground use only), 20,000 litres, 90,000 litres, 120,000 litres.
  • All of our domestic water tanks have lockable manholes, 2 x 100mm PVC inlets, 1 x 100mm PVC overflow and sturdy concrete roofs (3 kPa rating).
  • The concrete water tanks that we “pour on site” (20,000 litres, 90,000 litres, 120,000 litres) have no floor-wall joins – making leakage less likely.
  • Specialist in high-quality concrete water tanks – Canberra, Sydney and regional NSW (we don’t supply steel, fibreglass or poly tanks).

Which tank size do I need?

As a general rule, an average-sized family (4-5 people) uses 1,000 litres of water per day. If you’re not connected to a town water supply, you’re probably going to need one of our larger rainwater tanks, whereas a smaller tank should suffice for garden use only. Our domestic water tanks (made from quality concrete) come in four sizes: 10,000 litres (Underground use only), 20,000 litres, 90,000 litres and 120,000 litres.

ACT Concrete Water Tanks will help you select the right tank size by taking the following factors into consideration.

  • Rainfall volumes and patterns in your area.
  • Number of residents at the property.
  • Size of your catchment area (obviously, a bigger roof collects more rainwater).
  • Intended use of the water – is it for your total needs, or to supplement town water supply?
  • Will your domestic water tank be connected to a bore as well?
  • General space restrictions.

Regardless of size, all our concrete water tanks are designed to deal with stormwater overflows. Depending on how your plumbing and drainage is set up, our concrete water tanks are designed to operate as stormwater retention tanks and onsite detention (OSD) tanks.

To find out more about domestic water tanks, stormwater retention tanks and onsite detention (OSD) tanks, please call Ben or Tamara at ACT Concrete Water Tanks on 0488 143 257.